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Additional services

We offer providing additional services both directly at the premises of our Company and with the support from our trustworthy partner companies we have been working together with for many years.

We offer


We own several ultrasonic washers, thanks to which we are able to assure that the parts we make are clean, and free from any burrs, shavings or oil residues.


Thanks to cooperation with our reliable long-standing partners, we provide technical and decorative anodizing services. More about anodizing ➞

Other surface treatments Our offer also comprises such services as: galvanising, blackening, phosphate conversion coating, nickel plating, and painting. Depending on type of the particular coating, we are able to secure a given part against corrosion, increase its friction coefficient, extend its durability, and make it good-looking.
Assembly We offer our Customers comprehensive production of subassemblies, followed by assembly services with the participation of experienced personnel.
Laser Marking Thanks to this service, we can mark our parts with the required data and graphics. This highly efficient and durable method makes it possible, among other things, to assure production batch traceability.
Technical assistance We provide professional and individual approach to the project and Customer support in the area of feasibility studies, taking into account product cost-optimisation and functionality.

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We are proud to have an extremely rich experience in the area of production of mechanical parts for a broad range of industries.

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CNC Milling ›

CNC Milling ›

3-axis / 4-axis / 5-axis indexial and simultaneous CNC milling with the maximum dimensions of 500 x 500 x 350 m.

Milling of solid material, treatment of profiles, castings, forgings. Our production lot size starts from 100 units.

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CNC Turning ›

CNC Turning ›

CNC chuck turning of forgings, castings with the maximum diameter of 250 mm.

Bar and chuck turning of parts with the maximum diameter of 65 mm, turning of shafts, production of turned-milled parts. Our production lot starts from 250 units.

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