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CNC Milled parts

We offer the highest quality of services and CNC milled parts we produce, at the same time maintaining cost-effectiveness of our production. High efficiency of our machinery park is our priority.

Production CNC milled parts from 100 units / batch

CNC milled parts manufacturer

We produce high-precision CNC milled parts manufactured with maximum dimensions of 500 mm x 500 mm x 350 mm

Bodies and casings
Bodies and casings


Geometrically complex aluminium CNC milled components like casings we produce using 4- and 5-axis CNC machine tools.

Machine parts
Machine parts


We produce a wide variety of parts used in the machine, medical, energy and automation industry.

Parts for optical equipment
Parts for optical equipment


We are experienced in the production of high precision milled parts like thin-wall elements, taking into account high visual requirements.



CNC milled parts is something we specialise in - like treatment of highly complicated parts made of extruded sections.

Electronic parts
Electronic parts


What is important while producing parts is precision of workmanship, meeting environmental protection standards, and cleanliness.

Other parts
Other parts


In our portfolio, you can also find milled parts the outline of which makes us think about every-day-use products.



We have an experienced staff and manufacture on machine tools of reputable brands, so that our customers get precision milled parts. Modern measuring equipment, professional CAM systems allow us to offer precision CNC milling.


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Also take a look at the FAQ section regarding our milling service! 

This section has been created to answer frequently asked questions and address any concerns you may have about milling parts at RADMOT. Here you will find information that will help you better understand how order fulfilment works and how we approach projects requiring milling services to achieve your goals together. 

What parts can be made on your milling machines? As part of RADMOT's milling service, we can offer a wide range of part production starting from simple parts made on 3-axis milling machines. However, we specialize in precision parts with dimensions down to a few millimeters

On the other hand, our 4- and 5-axis milling machines allow the manufacture of complex shapes with high precision, which is essential for the production of advanced components, such as those used in advanced mechanical systems, where precision and complex geometry are required. Our simultaneous machining ensures efficiency and reduced production times, which is important in a fast-paced manufacturing environment.

Our capabilities range from single prototypes to series production of components for a variety of industries, including automation, automotive, aerospace or medical.
How much accuracy can you guarantee for milling services?

In terms of milling services, we guarantee precision in Class 7. This degree of accuracy is made possible by our ongoing investment in the most modern CNC milling machines on the market and by maintaining the high standard of milling tools used. Our commitment to maintaining the highest quality is further supported by our advanced Quality Assurance Department, which operates from four well-equipped laboratories. We use a range of advanced measuring tools for measurements, including:

- roundness gauges that enable precise determination of geometric tolerances,
- coordinate measuring machines,
- measurement systems based on optical technology.
Do you accept orders for milling with turned parts?

Yes, and the machining of such parts is mainly carried out on lathes with a milling function.

Do you mill wood?

No. Our company specializes only in metal and plastic milling services.

Do you use subcontractors in your CNC milling process?

No, for milling services we rely solely on our own resources and experience. This gives us 100% control over the quality and timeliness of the CNC parts produced.

What milling machines work at RADMOT?

RADMOT is constantly investing in expanding and updating its machine park. In a separate Hall we have gathered machines from renowned brands such as: Hermle, Okuma, Brother, Fanuc or Doosan. These are 5-, 4- and 3-axis, vertical and horizontal milling machines, and most of them are equipped with a pallet exchange system. As a result, we can carry out demanding orders both in terms of dimensional and geometric tolerances with high productivity.

What's more, multi-axis milling machines allow us to produce parts in fewer operations, which directly translates into fewer changeovers, less tooling, and ultimately more efficient production. This allows us to offer attractive competitive prices for milling services.

How do you cut materials for milling?

We cut the material for the milled parts on a saw or order the finished formats. We want to handle large orders efficiently, which is why our plant is equipped with up to 3 fully automatic band saws. We cut material on them with cross-sections as large as 300 x 300 mm.

What variables affect the price offered for cnc milling services?

Apart from the obvious aspects such as the type of material, complexity of the part, tooling costs, batch size, tolerances or surface quality, the cost of tooling is a very important factor in milling.  More than 90% of the projects we undertake require the design and manufacture of dedicated tooling to enable us to meet all customer requirements.

It is worth remembering that RADMOT's CNC milling services can also be extended to include assembly, washing or additional surface treatments such as anodising, hardening, galvanising or laser marking.

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We are proud to have an extremely rich experience in the area of production of mechanical parts for a broad range of industries.

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CNC Turning ›

CNC Turning ›

CNC chuck turning of forgings, castings with the maximum diameter of 250 mm.

Bar and chuck turning of parts with the maximum diameter of 65 mm, turning of shafts, production of turned-milled parts. Our production lot starts from 250 units.

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Additional services ›

Additional services ›

- Laser marking
- Washing
- Assembly
- Anodising
- Galvanising
- Blackening
- Other galvanising and surface treatments

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