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Anodised Parts

We offer parts anodising service. We produce anodised parts that meet high technical and visual requirements. We offer decorative and technical anodising services.

  • 01 Parts we produce
  • 02 Process
  • 03 Quality Assurance
  • 04 Machine tools
  • 05 Measuring equipment
  • Bicycle parts 
  • Parts for medical equipment
  • Household equipment parts – consumer products
  • Parts and housings for industrial electronics 
  • Profiles (up to 600 mm in length)

Thanks to anodising, aluminium obtains many new, advantageous features, including high durability, corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Since the aluminium anodising process may cause some changes in the product’s dimensions and surface quality, we carefully select the material, its source and grade, taking into account the impact the anodising treatment may have upon the product’s dimensions in the turning-milling technology. 

We have our own anodising plant. This allows us to anodize manufactured parts on site, while maintaining tight tolerances.

Controlling before the anodising process:

  • We are aware of the fact that this process requires a very solid approach to the production of parts already at the milling stage, therefore:
  • We check the material’s chemical constitution for its conformance with the Certificate of Approval in order to be able to assess whether or not the parameters of the particular elements of the aluminium alloy will affect the visual aspect of the finished product; (to this aim, we use a spectrometer)
  • We pay special attention for the details that are transferred to the anodising treatment to be clean
  • We focus on packaging the parts in such a way as to avoid their exposure to corrosion


Controlling after the anodising process:

  • After the anodising treatment, parts undergo strict inspection. 
  • The parts’ visual aspect is assessed visually
  • The oxide layer’s thickness is verified using (a dualscope), and its roughness is assessed using a roughness meter
  • Additionally, all dimensions are checked according to the Control Plan.

Anodised parts are produced by us using dedicated machine tools which are only used to process aluminium. We use specialised coolants and tools.

  • Fanuc Robodrill
  • Brother 
  • Okuma
  • Okuma
  • LB
  • Hyundai Wia HD
  • Spectrometer
  • Layer thickness measurements (dualscope) – thickness meter
  • Roughness meter
  • Optiv

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