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Cookies policy

Cookies policy

This Cookies policy refers to the Internet service In case you use the service, you agree for cookies to be used in compliance with this policy.

In case you do not agree for the use of cookies, you can decide about it by changing your internet browser settings or you may quit using the website


What are cookie files (“cookies”)?

Cookies are text messages that are sent via a WWW server and then recorded and stored at the user’s computer, tablet, or smartphone. Most frequently, cookies will contain some information about the site that has generated them, as well as their unique numbers and storage times. By default, a given cookie can only be read by the server that has generated it.

What are cookie files used for?

Cookies are used in order to:

  • optimise Internet service usage
  • provide for comfortable use of the service
  • adjust site contents to user preferences
  • gather anonymous statistics

Cookies are most frequently used in case the user makes use of such site mechanisms as: visit counters, opinion surveys, purchases made via the website, login-requiring sites, displaying ads, monitoring visitor activities and other mechanisms.

Cookies used on our website are not used to establish the user’s identity. Cookie files do not cause any changes in the configuration of the user’s computer, tablet, or smartphone.


What cookie files do we use?

The following two types of cookie files can be used on our website

  • session cookie files – make it possible for you to use all functions of the service, they are deleted when you close your browser.
  • persistent cookie files – make it possible for you to use some functions of the service, they collect statistical data, and are stored on your hard disk till their expiry time.

When you use the service, you can receive cookies from external services that are run by our supporting entities, such as Facebook or Google.


Removing cookie files

By default, Internet browsers allow to accept cookies in settings. You can change these settings, i.e. change them so that your cookies are rejected in full or in part, or so that your browser informs you that your cookies are recorded at your device.

More detailed information upon rejecting cookies can be found on our website or in the Help option of the creator of the software of the browser you are using.

Bear in mind, however, that in case you decide to reject cookies, it can affect the functioning of some functions or areas of the site, or even render it impossible.


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