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We produce high-precision turned-milled parts that are required to build your own products. We deliver on time. We produce on request or based upon contracts. We deliver on the JIT basis.

  • 01 Parts we produce
  • 02 Process
  • 03 Quality Assurance
  • 04 Machine tools
  • 05 Measuring equipment
  • Aluminium casings for, among other things, electronic circuits and electro-optic modules
  • Parts for laser sources, made of aluminium and copper
  • Parts for the semiconductor industry

Precision: We lathe and mill high-precision parts that meet tolerances even below 0.02 mm.

Aesthetics and quality: 100% of our parts are inspected for the quality of surface, edges, crossing holes, and presence of burrs. 

Cleanliness: All of our parts are industrially washed and properly secured against corrosion and damage in transport. 

Anodising: We offer decorative and technical anodising

Tight-tolerance parts are measured by us using a highly accurate Hexagon Global S coordinate measuring machine which guarantees the measuring accuracy of 0.005 mm.

Frequently, we pre-define control and measuring strategies in liaison with our Customers.

All parts we make are controlled on an ongoing basis according to our Control Plan. If possible, we also conduct statistical control of critical dimensions.

We rely on top global brands, well-proven solutions, high efficiency and precision:

  • Hermle C20 / C30 / C32 4 x 5-axis machining centres provide for high-precision treatment of complex geometry parts in a single grip
  • Okuma type MB4000 8 x 4-axis horizontal milling centres 
  • Okuma LT2000 4 x lathes with driven tools and robotised station
  • Okuma LB3000 2 x lathes with driven tools

Our specialised measuring equipment makes it possible for us to verify the quality of the parts we produce:

  • Hexagon Global S coordinate measuring machine with measuring accuracy of X
  • Hexagon Optiv Lite 322 optical measuring machine 
  • 2D Keyence measuring system 
  • Contour measuring system
  • Microscope

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What is most important for us is long-standing cooperation, which can be confirmed by our global Customers with whom we have been working together till today.
Set the standards in your industry together with us.

3000 annual production volume of parts
for the electrical engineering industry
380m2 of the portfolio
of parts
12 high-precision
machine tools
6 specialised control and
measuring machines

Set your industry trends together with us

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