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CNC Turning

High-precision, serial processing is the area we specialise in. We offer the highest quality of production according to IATF 16949. We have a team of experienced specialists at our disposal, who can guarantee that each order will be handled professionally.

We start to produce from 250 units / product batch


On a cost-effective basis, we produce a broad spectre of parts with the diameter 6 mm to 250 mm and maximum length up to 680 mm

Parts for the automotive industry
Parts for the automotive industry


We efficiently produce steel parts and elements for the automotive industry using robot support.

Axles and shafts
Axles and shafts


Long elements are processed by us using Swiss-type machines in the automated process.

Screws and fasteners
Screws and fasteners


Properly selected machines and tools make it possible for us to cost-effectively process parts such as screws or bolts.

Turned-milled parts
Turned-milled parts


We produce geometrically complex elements using multi-axis CNC lathes and automatic lathes with bar feeder.

Parts for electric devices
Parts for electric devices


We produce lathed thin-walled elements and small-size, complex-shape parts that require high-precision treatment.

Other turned parts
Other turned parts

In our portfolio, you can also find turned parts with the diameter from 3 mm up to 250 mm. This type of production depends on the degree of complexity of such parts.



Thanks to statistical process control, we can assure a zero level of rejects

We take a professional attitude to selection of the entire production technology: we carefully select machine tool, tools, parameters, and our product control plan. Our statistical process control is fully integrated with our measuring machines.


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Also take a look at the FAQ section on our turning service! 

This section has been prepared to clarify any confusion regarding RADMOT's part turning process. Here you will find the information you need to gain a deeper understanding of the order fulfilment process and our approach to projects requiring turning services. This will build the foundations for a rewarding working relationship.

What additional services can I order for the turning service?

The additional services most frequently requested by our customers are:

- anodising of aluminium
- chemical and electro-chemical polishing
- glazing and sandblasting
- shot-blasting
- deburring of edges
- ultrasonic cleaner (within part cleanliness standards)
- laser marking and identification (including serial numbers)
- pre and/or post hardening
- galvanization
- zinc plating
- powder coating
- varnishing
What accuracy/tolerance can you guarantee for turning services?

For turning services, we can guarantee an accuracy of 0.01mm. We achieve this high level of precision through continuous investment in the most advanced CNC machines available on the market (such as DMG, Okuma, Tsugami) and attention to the high quality of the cutting tools used. Our commitment to quality is supported by an advanced Quality Assurance Department, which operates in four well-equipped laboratories. Measurement tools used in our laboratories include:

- roundness gauges for the accurate measurement of geometric tolerances,
- coordinate measuring machines,
- optical measuring systems.
What parts can be made on your lathes?

We undertake very complex and specialised orders, so it is best to consult with us about the technical drawings of the part you need. This can be done quickly using this form or email

Do you make up used turned parts?

No. Due to the scale of the company, we do not take orders for individual parts. The minimum order (MQO) for CNC turning services is a minimum of 250 pieces / batch at 1000 pieces / year.

Do you provide wood turning services?

No. Our company specialises only in metal and plastic turning services.

Do you accept orders for turning with milled parts?

Yes, our machine park consists of over 80 different CNC machine tools, including:

  • 10 automatic lathes with milling function,
  • 8 CNC Swiss-type automatic lathes with milling function,
  • 4 CNC lathes with milling function,

so we can turn and mill efficiently in a single operation.

What kind of lathes and automatic lathe machines are in operation at RADMOT?

As a leader in precision metalworking, RADMOT pays particular attention to the quality and up-to-dateness of its machinery stock. We invest in equipment from renowned brands such as Okuma, DMG, Doosan and Tsugami. We particularly value Swiss-type automatic lathes with milling function, as their products are characterised by high accuracy (below 0.01mm). They are ideal for the efficient production of complex parts. You are welcome to download a file with the full list of machines available here. 

How do you cut materials before turning?

We want to handle large orders efficiently, so our plant is equipped with 3 fully automatic band saws. We cut material on them from fi 5 mm to fi 300 mm. An interesting service is the cutting of bar in packages. 

What variables affect the price offered for cnc turning services?

The price of CNC turning services depends on many factors. Here are the most important variables to consider beyond the purchase price of the material itself:

Complexity of the part: the more complex the design of the part, the more time and precision is required to produce it. Complex shapes, tight tolerances and small part runs can significantly increase the price due to longer machining times and the need for frequent tool changes.

Tooling costs: In some cases, especially when producing short runs or prototypes, special tools may have to be used, which will significantly affect the manufacturing cost. On the other hand, workpieces requiring the removal of large amounts of material have longer machining times which translates not only into tool consumption but also the amount of coolant and electricity required.  

Batch size: Producing more pieces usually reduces the cost per unit, due to a better distribution of fixed production costs such as preparation, machine changeover and tool design. High-volume production batches also offer the opportunity to optimise the overall process in terms of tool life and reduced cycle times.

Tolerances and surface quality: High tolerance requirements, the quality of the preparation, can significantly increase production time and thus the cost of manufacturing. Additional surface finishing operations are also an additional increase in order value.

RADMOT's CNC turning services can also be extended to include assembly, washing or additional surface treatments such as anodising, hardening, plating or laser marking.

What affects the productivity of turning services?

The productivity of a CNC lathe, as with other machining machines, is key to optimising production costs. That's why, at RADMOT, we take special care to ensure that our machine park meets the best market standards. Our advantage is that we have a lot of different machines and each time we select the most optimal technology to ensure that the part is produced as cheaply as possible

The productivity of turning services is also influenced by the type and quality of the cutting tools, reducing the time needed to replace and set them up. Taking this a step further, we utilise automatic part loading and unloading systems, while advanced software and CNC control systems allow for rapid programming of cutting operations.

In addition, we have our own Maintenance Department, which translates into the excellent condition of our lathes, and this minimises the risk of breakdowns and unproductive downtime. Other factors of importance are:

- efficient workplace organisation, including ergonomic arrangement of tools and raw materials,
- experienced and well-trained staff able to make better use of the machine's capabilities and react more quickly to any problems.

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We are proud to have an extremely rich experience in the area of production of mechanical parts for a broad range of industries.

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CNC Milling ›

CNC Milling ›

3-axis / 4-axis / 5-axis indexial and simultaneous CNC milling with the maximum dimensions of 500 x 500 x 350 m.

Milling of solid material, treatment of profiles, castings, forgings. Our production lot size starts from 100 units.

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Additional services ›

Additional services ›

- Laser marking
- Washing
- Assembly
- Anodising
- Galvanising
- Blackening
- Other galvanising and surface treatments

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