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Machine Building and Automation

We will produce each part for your machine or device in a reliable and cost-effective manner. We will deliver it on time and in proper quality. We produce according to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001

  • 01 Parts we produce
  • 02 Process
  • 03 Quality assurance
  • 04 Machine tools
  • 05 Measuring equipment
  • Our parts are made of, among other things, aluminium, steel, copper, and plastics
  • Bodies, casings, blocks
  • Fixing, adjusting, connecting elements
  • Slats and profiles
  • Sleeves, rings, nuts, axles, shafts
  • Holders
  • Plates

All machines and devices consist of many different types of parts. Since we are in possession of one of the most diversified machinery parks, we can select a perfect technology of production of your parts

We deliver parts that are free from any dirt, burrs, etc. After the manufacturing process, our parts are washed in ultrasonic washers. 

We offer anodising and many additional processes, such as galvanising, passivation, heat treatment.

We carefully secure our parts against ambient conditions and damage in transport.

100% quality.

Each part we produce is released for production by our Quality Control.
We conduct constant process control according to our Control Plan.

Upon Customer request, we can draw up PPAP, 8D reports.

  • 12 Fanuc vertical 3-axis turning centres
  • 6 Brother vertical 4-axis turning centres
  • 8 Okuma horizontal 4-axis turning centres
  • Swiss-type lathes 
  • Lathes with driven tools
  • Wenzel coordinate measuring machine with the working range: 650 x 1000 x 500 mm and 0.0001 mm resolution
  • Mahr XR20 roughness meter 
  • Spectrotest TXC03 spectrometer 
  • Contour measuring system
  • Hardness tester
  • Thickness meter

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What is most important for us is long-standing cooperation, which can be confirmed by our global Customers with whom we have been working together till today.
Set the standards in your industry together with us.

10000 parts that
have been launched
2000 portfolio of parts manufactured
on a regular basis
31 dedicated
machine tools
23 Customers from
the industry

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