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Radmot Jul 19, 2022 2:36:30 PM


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is corporate social responsibility. What does it consist of? What challenges and solutions do companies implement? How does RADMOT approach ecology and environmental protection? Find out in the article below!




Corporate welfare is not everything

CSR is a concept gaining in popularity, being implemented into business strategy at an increasing number of companies. It is especially being introduced in large corporations, but the expanding possibilities can easily be adapted in smaller companies as well. However, this is not just a temporary trend to improve their image. CSR is an increasingly recommended solution for companies to engage in business, education, local support, job giving or sustainability policies. The latter aspect is particularly important in view of the impending climate crisis and the associated threats to the world as a whole.


Less and less time

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, we have twelve years left to stop global warming. The threshold not to be exceeded is a 1.5 degree increase in the Earth's average temperature. While we think that this is a small difference that we won't even feel, it is important to remember that the world is constantly experiencing natural processes that are very complex and closely interconnected. So even such a "small change" can bring catastrophic results for all of us. 

Researchers predict that an increase in temperature could result in a rise in water levels, resulting in flooding of areas inhabited by people. There will be massive problems with access to food and water. Fires, droughts and violent weather events will intensify. And all these are just some of the dangers that await humanity unless it begins to counteract.

Success has a green color

Climate change is largely influenced by carbon dioxide emissions. Larger companies or power plants, most often those located in rapidly developing countries, are largely responsible for this. For example, in 2018, China and the US were responsible for 42.1% of global CO2 emissions. Looking locally, Poland ranked eighteenth in these statistics, emitting 0.94%. 

Fortunately, internal sustainability policies are becoming increasingly popular. It is being introduced not only in the largest corporations, but also in other industries or smaller companies. Ecology is slowly becoming a priority in companies' long-term strategies. It's a good direction for business and a chance to take advantage of modern and forward-looking opportunities that can help not only local communities, but the planet as a whole.




RADMOT - sustainability in practice

In our company, we apply environmental solutions on a large scale. We implement them gradually and comprehensively. We not only take care of proper segregation of waste, energy saving or recovery of materials, but we have also invested in a project to ensure that we obtain 100% natural, "green" energy. We think long term and are a company that is fully committed to going green and wants to use renewable sources. Such solutions can help us leave a smaller carbon footprint, reduce energy costs, and are good for us as a company, the local community, and the planet.


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