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Radmot Aug 30, 2022 11:04:55 AM

#ActionRelocation in RADMOT

Is it possible to move a dozen machines weighing tons in a few days?

This year we put our new hall into operation. This is the fourth hall in which we produce parts for our Customers. We had to quickly and safely move our machines inside it. This included their installation and preparation for production. Our orders could not wait for the move for too long.

This was a major challenge for us. 19 machine tools and measuring machines, all in just five days. Maintenance had to think hard about how to play it out logistically.

Did we succeed? How did we do it? Who helped us do it? 

We invite you to watch our video with an account of this action.


We would like to thank Ruger Expo, which supported us with logistics and an expertly executed relocation. Cooperation with professionals must always be successful.

We would also like to thank our entire Crew, who were involved in this action. With such a Team we can move not only machines, but also mountains!