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Radmot Oct 6, 2022 12:34:12 PM

We told the TV station about our students

What do we think about learning in vocational schools? 

In July, we took part in the recording of a TV piece about the situation of vocational schools in Poland. This is still a contentious topic in the public space.

For some time, vocational schools have gained a negative reputation in society. Students at these institutions were considered less ambitious or less educated. However, time has shown that this direction was not correct. Today the market is short of professionals in many industries. What's more, these positions are well-paid and require a lot of knowledge and competence.

At Radmot, we value students from vocational schools. We accept them regularly to work at our plant - as part of dual training, as well as paid internships. We are particularly keen on employees who gain experience while still in education. Those ambitious, hungry for knowledge and development always have a chance to get a job offer with us.

We told more about our approach in the TV material. We invite you to watch, especially from minute 12:50.