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Radmot Oct 21, 2022 10:27:07 PM

We made noise in the town square

How did we become a multi-day attraction of Radom Tech Days?

On October 16-21Radom Council of the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations in cooperation with Resursa Obywatelska organized the XXXIV Tech Days in Radom. Radmot was a partner and co-organizer of the entire event.

On the first day, we took part in workshops and demonstrations that could be seen as part of the Picnic with Science at the Deskur House. As an industrial company, manufacturing for various industries, we presented our turned and milled parts and a Fanuc robot, which was operated by our Automation Specialist, Paula. She programmed the robotic arm to write words and even to.... draw a picture! We aroused a lot of interest with this, especially among the youngest visitors, who crowded around our booth. In turn, adults also enjoyed our company gadgets.

However, by far the biggest attraction of the day was the PGR-06 racing car of our team of students from the PGRacing Team, who came down to Radom especially as part of the Tech Days celebrations. They not only exhibited and presented the vehicle to all interested parties, but also twice presented its capabilities at our town square - one thing is certain, we made noise!

Below is a brief account of the day from Resursa Obywatelska:

Next, we took an active part in the conference on industrial development in Radom, which was held on October 18 at Resursa Obywatelska. This time we displayed the racing car in front of the building, where you could admire it straight from the street. In addition, the PGRacing Team students also gave a short presentation, in which they talked about their team, Formula Student project and cooperation with our company.



Tech Days and our participation in it were certainly a big attraction for Radom residents, and for us an interesting adventure and experience. The event not only attracted a lot of visitors, but also became a carrying topic for the local media. We very much enjoyed our participation and are already preparing for the future, unique - because round (35!) - celebrations. It will be happening!